How to Apply Eye Makeup

Eye makeup is one of the most daunting and important things that needs precision, aesthetic sense and sophisticated movement of fingers. Mixing is one of the key elements in giving a perfect effect. No matter what colors you like the most; it’s all about neatness and good shape.

Follow these basic guidelines to apply eye makeup:

Selecting Appropriate Tones

First, you need to figure out what kind of effects you want to give and then pick up shades accordingly. For night-outs, evening parties and prom night, darker shades of gray, black, navy, maroon or magenta go well. Contrarily, lighter colors are good in daytime get-togethers. Neutral shades ranging from soft pink to aqua, lavender to light green are for all-time occasions including day and night.

Begin With the Base

Apply a good quality cream or powder-based foundation on the eyelid. Alternately, a light eye shadow like cream or white and makeup primer can also be applied. You can have a combination of base, primer, and eyeshadow as well. In oily skin, avoid cream-based foundations because these can interrupt with proper merging and application. The purpose of the base is to increase staying power of the eyeshadow.

Color the Eyes

When you’re done with the base, start applying eye shadow that should be of lighter color like white, silver, gold, cream and so on. Extend it to the eyebrow. Now apply darker shade over the eyelid and make sure it doesn’t go beyond the natural crease line. Follow the shape of lid area only, creating a nice smooth curve. For giving a dramatic effect, take the darkest tone along the crease line and expand it to the eyebrow.

Instead of a single shade, you can also make a corner with another shade. An interesting combination is lighter and darker tones of the same colors. Such as light aqua on the entire lid and dark aqua on the outside corner. Mix it well to give nice rhythmic effect.


Start with the upper lashline and apply it as closely to the lash as possible. It can be a fine line or thicker one, normal or extended as you like. For smaller eyes, an extended liner is awesome that makes eyes appear large. There are many types of eyeliner. For liquid liner, make sure it’s completely dry before you give touches of mascara. Black is most widely chosen but you can go for other colors too like brown, blue, purple, green and others that are suitable with your outfit and entire eye makeup. To make eyes a focal point and create a richer look, apply a thin line along the lower lashline. Give a few touches of glitter over eye shadow or liner to add sparkle and more freshness.

Mascara to Highlight Lashes

Finish your makeup off with a thick coating of mascara. Re-apply, when the first coating gets dry. It’ll enhance the lashes and give nice curl. Repeat for lower lashes but it’s optional. It can be black or colored.

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