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Eye Makeup for Brown Eyes

A perfect makeup highlights your best features and enhances natural beauty. Eyes are a focal part of the face, so its makeup needs more skill and precision. By choosing appropriate colors and style, you can make many dimensions in brown eyes prominent and distinct. Brown eyes are different in shades like warm gold to chocolate brown. Lighter colors are used for natural effect, and darker tones are for a bold dramatic style.

Concealer for a Flawless Skin

Let’s prepare your eye area for makeup and apply cream concealer to cover dark circles. It’ll also make skin tone even and hide any scars on it. This helps in proper color effect when you apply it. Choose a concealer lighter than your natural skin tone. Some experts suggest using it as a primer, which can be applied on the lids as well. If you want an economical solution and don’t want to spend extra on primer, it’s an ideal option.

Choosing the Best Eyeshadow

For brown eyes, you can apply many colors especially green tones. Gold is also stunningly attractive. Bring out the best effect by using multi-tones instead of only single shade. Pick up a medium green shade and apply it from lashline to the brows. Now, swipe darker green shade from lashline to the crease covering the lid area. Other shades that can go well with brown eyes are plum, lavender and purple. Blue shades will also look great. Avoid browns because these are not suitable for brown eyes, however, these can be used in combination with other shades such as in smoky eyes. For rich brown eyes, pink is perfect especially when you like giving a delicate, girly impression. It’s simply soft and natural.

For dazzling looks, add shimmer into highlight shade or the eye shadow. It’s enchanting and fascinating informal occasions.

After you’re done with the eyeshadow, make sure both eyes look exactly the same. Adjust colors where needed. Blend them well with a brush or an applicator.

Deep-Colored Eyeliner

After the eyeshadow, it’s time to line your eyes using a dark-colored eye liner. It can be black, dark brown, gray or any other shade. With green shadow, choosing liner of the same color will give a great effect. Emerald tone is elegant and different. Normally, the liner is applied on upper lashline but you can also use in on the lower one if it suits you or informal occasions. For a casual or working day, normal style is better to use.

Curl the Lashes

Press your eyelashes with the help of a curler. Repeat this for both eyes. Now apply black mascara carefully. For best results, bring your eyelash down while moving wand upward. Do it several times until all hairs are covered. Avoid blinking and let it get completely dry. In a wedding or night out where you like heavy makeup, apply several coats of mascara for thicker and extended lashes. Be careful with multiple coats because sometimes, it can make your mascara clumpy and can smear.

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